Volume & Issue: Volume 20, Issue 3 - Serial Number 68, 2019, Pages 167-228 

Review article

Humic acid as a feed additive in poultry diets: a review

Pages 167-172


M. Arif; M. Alagaany; M. E. Abd El-Hack; M. Saeed; M. A. Arain; S. S. Elnesr

Short paper

Molecular identification of non-Cryptococcus yeasts associated with pigeon droppings in Shiraz, Southern Iran

Pages 204-208


K. Pakshir; Z. Zareshahrabadi; K. Zomorodian; S. Ansari; H. Nouraei; A. Gharavi

Scientific report

Diabetic ketoacidosis in a buck: a case report

Pages 213-217


K. Jayalakshmi; P. Selvaraj; M. Veeraselvam; S. Yogeshpriya; M. Venkatesan

Pemphigus erythematosus and cutaneous epitheliotropic lymphoma in a Labrador Retriever dog

Pages 221-224


A. Suárez-Bonnet; B. García-González; G. A. Ramírez; C. Peñafiel-Verdú; J. R. Jaber