Volume & Issue: Volume 19, Issue 1 - Serial Number 62, Winter 2018, Pages 1-59 

Letter to editor

1. 3-D computed tomography reconstruction: another tool to teach anatomy in the veterinary colleges

Pages 1-2

J. R. Jaber; C. Carrascosa; A. Arencibia; J. A. Corbera; A. S. Ramirez; C. Melian

Full paper (Original article)

2. Correlation between neonatal calf diarrhea and the level of maternally derived antibodies

Pages 3-8

K. Z. K. Al-Alo; Gh. Nikbakht Brujeni; S. Lotfollahzadeh; F. Moosakhani; A. Gharabaghi

3. The roles of cytochrome P450 and P-glycoprotein in the pharmacokinetics of florfenicol in chickens

Pages 9-14

G. Y. Wang; H. H. Zheng; K. Y. Zhang; F. Yang; T. Kong; B. Zhou; Sh. X. Jiang

4. Effect of time of eCG administration on the fate of ovarian follicle in Holstein heifers

Pages 15-21

A. Hosseini; A. Niasari-Naslaji; M. Vojgani; F. Gharagozloo

9. Using PCR-PIRA based genotyping for identifying complex vertebral malformation allele in Frieswal young bulls in India

Pages 44-47

R. R. Alyethodi; S. Kumar; R. Deb; R. Alex; U. Singh; S. Sharma; - Ashish; J. Choudhary; G. Sengar; R. Singh; S. Tyagi; P. Birham

10. Comparison of virulence genes in Proteus species isolated from human and pet turtle

Pages 48-52

H. N. K. S. Pathirana; B. C. J. De Silva; S. H. M. P. Wimalasena; S. Hossain; G. J. Heo

Scientific report

12. Surgical correction of urethral diverticulum in a female pseudo-hermaphrodite crossbred calf

Pages 57-59

S. K. Maiti; P. D. S. Raghuvanshi; M. Divya; P. Sangeetha; G. Deepesh; K. Naveen