Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 3 - Serial Number 24, 2008, Pages 208-294 

Full paper (Original article)

Immunization of rabbits against Hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum using larval and nymphal extracts

Pages 208-212


A. Moshaveri-nia; M. H. Naiminik; G. R. Razmi; G. R. Hashemitabar

The transitional zone of the renal artery in cats

Pages 250-255


F. Ramezani Norouzani; F. Dehghani; S. Gholami

Scientific report

First report of Dermatophilus congolensis dermatitis in dairy cows in Shiraz, southern Iran

Pages 281-283


S. Jafari Shoorijeh; Kh. Badiee; M. A. Behzadi; A. Tamadon

Isolation of Leptospira canicola from a dog in Iran: first report

Pages 291-294


Sh. Jamshidi; G. M. Vandeussefi; O. Dezfoulian; M. Selk Ghaffari