Volume & Issue: Volume 21, Issue 4 - Serial Number 73, Autumn 2020, Pages 250-318 

Full paper (Original article)

1. Molecular epidemiology, risk factors and hematological evaluation of asymptomatic Theileria annulata infected cattle in Odisha, India

Pages 250-256

A. M. Selim; M. Das; S. K. Senapati; G. R. Jena; C. Mishra; B. Mohanty; S. K. Panda; R. C. Patra

4. Serogroups, and drug resistance of nontyphoidal Salmonella in symptomatic patients with community-acquired diarrhea and chicken meat samples in Tehran

Pages 269-278

S. Besharati; A. Sadeghi; F. Ahmadi; E. Tajeddin; R. Mohammad Salehi; F. Fani; Gh. Pouladfar; B. Nikmanesh; A. Majidpour; S. Soleymanzadeh Moghadam; S. Mirab Samiee; M. Rahnamaye Farzami; M. Rahbar; P. Eslami; N. Rakhshani; B. Eshrati; M. M. Gouya; F. Fallah; A. Karimi; P. Owlia; M. Alebouyeh

5. Sectional anatomic and tomographic study of the feline abdominal cavity for obtaining a three-dimensional vascular model

Pages 279-286

D. Rojo; J. M. Vázquez; C. Sánchez; A. Arencibia; M. I. García; M. Soler; D. Kilroy; G. Ramírez

6. Prevalence and antimicrobial resistance of Salmonella isolates from goose farms in Northeast China

Pages 287-293

Z. Z. Cao; J. W. Xu; M. Gao; X. S. Li; Y. J. Zhai; K. Yu; M. Wan; X. H. Luan

Scientific report

10. A primary occurrence of inclusion body hepatitis in absence of predisposing agents in commercial broilers in Iran: a case report

Pages 314-318

A. Mirzazadeh; K. Asasi; N. Mosleh; M. Abbasnia; B. Abdi Hachesoo