Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1, Winter 2007, Pages 1-93 

Full paper (Original article)

1. Successful cryopreservation of in vitro derived bovine blastocysts in microcapillary pipette tips

Pages 1-7

A. Niasari-Naslaji; P. J. Hansen; K. Moore; W. W. Thatcher

3. Study on the genomic diversity of Hymenolepis nana between rat and mouse isolates by RAPD-PCR

Pages 16-22

T. Mohammadzadeh; S. M. Sadjjadi; M. H. Motazedian; G. R. Mowlavi

8. Experimental oleander (Nerium oleander) poisoning in goats: a clinical and pathological study

Pages 58-63

M. R. Aslani; A. R. Movassaghi; H. Janati-Pirouz; M. Karazma

Short paper

12. Gastrointestinal parasites of ostrich (Struthio camelus domesticus) raised in Iran

Pages 80-82

A. Eslami; H. Rahmat; B. Meshgi; S. Ranjbar-Bahadori

14. A survey on cryptosporidial infection in horse in Urmia area, northwestern Iran

Pages 86-90

M. Tavassoli; M. Sodagar-Skandarabadi; F. Soltanalinejad

Scientific report

15. Anterior uveitis in a kitten infected with Toxoplasma gondii (Tehran strain)

Pages 91-93

B. Mosallanejad; A. Malmasi; M. Mohebali; M. Tabatabayi