Volume & Issue: Volume 23, Issue 4 - Serial Number 81, 2022, Pages 300-389 
Decellularized xenogenic bone graft for repair of segmental bone defect in rabbits

Pages 310-321


P. Tamilmahan; R. Pathak; Rashmi Rashmi; Amarpal Amarpal; H. P. Aithal; A. Mohsina; A. K. Tiwari; K. Karthik

A study on clinical diagnosis of tuberculosis in free ranging and captive wild animals of India

Pages 369-374


M. Sharma; M. Karikalan; M. Asok Kumar; P. Sree Lakshmi; K. Sharma; S. Ilayaraja; A. Mathur; A. M. Pawde

A mediastinal mass causing Budd-Chiari-like syndrome in a cat

Pages 380-384


F. Suárez-Cabrera; M. Encinoso; A. Artiles; I. Castellano; C. Melián; J. R. Jaber