Main Subjects = Clinical sciences
Number of Articles: 7
1. The anti-proliferative and apoptotic effects of curcumin on feline mammary gland tumor cells in vitro

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 07 June 2021

A. Deveci Ozkan et al.

3. Computed tomography (CT) scan findings in calves with hydranencephaly

Volume 22, Issue 2, Spring 2021, Pages 107-112

A. Raoofi; M. Gorjidooz; P. Dehghan Rahimabadi; M. Masoudifard; S. H. Mardjanmehr; M. R. Esmailinejad

4. The effect of docetaxel on survival, fertilization rate and apoptosis-related genes mRNA expression in mouse metaphase II oocytes following vitrification

Volume 22, Issue 1, Winter 2021, Pages 40-47

Z. Khodabandeh; I. Jamhiri; N. Dehghani; H. Daneshpazhouh; B. Namavar Jahromi; M. Dianatpour; S. Alaee

5. In vitro and in vivo evaluation of some antimicrobials and disinfectants against bacterial pathogens from hoof lesions in dairy cattle

Volume 22, Issue 1, Winter 2021, Pages 9-14

S. Ali; M. Avais; A. Z. Durrani; K. Ashraf; M. Bilal; A. Nasir; J. A. Khan; M. Awais

7. Udder edema and association with some serum biochemical measurands and dietary factors in first calving cows

Volume 16, Issue 4, Autumn 2015, Pages 345-349

G. A. Kojouri; M. Mosavi Pouryeganeh; S. Nekouei; S. Nazifi