Volume & Issue: Volume 16, Issue 4, Autumn 2015, Pages 325-384 

Full paper (Original article)

1. Improvement of vitrification of in vitro produced buffalo embryos with special reference to sex ratio following vitrification

Pages 325-330

K. Gh. M. Mahmoud; T. H. Scholkamy; S. F. Darwish

2. Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP): a new approach for the detection of foot-and-mouth disease virus and its sero-types in Pakistan

Pages 331-334

Umer Farooq; A. Latif; H. Irshad; A. Ullah; A. B. Zahur; K. Naeem; S. U. H. Khan; Z. Ahmed; L. L. Rodriguez; G. Smoliga

3. Effect of thymol and carvacrol on nutrient digestibility in rams fed high or low concentrate diets

Pages 335-340

M.J. Zamiri; Elham Azizabadi; Zahra Momeni; Mohammad Reza Rezvani; Hadi Atashi; Amir Akhlaghi

6. Development of OMP based indirect ELISA to gauge the antibody titers in bovines against Pasteurella multocida

Pages 350-356

V. Dogra; S. Verma; G. Singh; A. H. Wani; R. Chahota; P. Dhar; L. Verma; M. Sharma

8. Relationship of conventional and fluorescent microscopic technique to assess in vitro semen quality status of Murrah buffalo males

Pages 363-367

P. R. Shivahre; A. K. Gupta; A. Panmei; B. R. Yadav; M. Bhakat; T. K. Mohanty; A. Kumaresan; V. Kumar; S. K. Dash; S. Singh

Short paper

10. Identification of Helicobacter spp. in gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and hepatobiliary system of stray cats

Pages 374-376

A. Shojaee Tabrizi; A. Derakhshandeh; A. Esfandiari; Z. Ali Atashi

12. Association between the enterotoxin production and presence of Coa, Nuc genes among Staphylococcus aureus isolated from various sources, in Shiraz

Pages 381-384

R. Moghassem Hamidi; S. Hosseinzadeh; S. S. Shekarforoush; M. Poormontaseri; A. Derakhshandeh