Volume & Issue: Volume 14, Issue 2, Spring 2013, Pages 88-168 

Full paper (Original article)

1. Association between the lactation curve shape and calving interval in Holstein dairy cows of Iran

Pages 88-93

H. Atashi; M. J. Zamiri; A. Akhlaghi; M. Dadpasand; M. B. Sayyadnejad; A. R. Abdolmohammadi

5. Polymorphisms of prolactin gene in a native chicken population and its association with egg production

Pages 113-119

A. S. Bagheri Sarvestani; A. Niazi; M. J. Zamiri; M. Dadpasand Taromsari

6. ECG alterations and changes in biochemical parameters associated with experimental salinomycin toxicosis in sheep

Pages 120-125

R. Hosseini; H. Rajaian; A. Hajimohammadi; S. Nazifi; E. Khaliji; S. Asmarian

8. Sex identification and sexual maturity stages in farmed great sturgeon, Huso huso L. through biopsy

Pages 133-139

B. Falahatkar; S. R. Akhavan; M. H. Tolouei Gilani; A. Abbasalizadeh

11. Serum protein alterations in goats naturally infected with Babesia ovis

Pages 150-154

B. Esmaeilnejad; M. Tavassoli; S. Asri-Rezaei; B. Dalir-Naghadeh; K. Mardani; F. Farhaghpajouh; S. M. Abtahi

Scientific report

12. First detection of Sarcocystis hirsuta from cattle in Iran

Pages 155-157

S. S. Shekarforoush; S. M. Razavi; M. Abbasvali

15. Surgical repair of distal femoral fracture in a wild gray wolf (Canis lupus)

Pages 165-168

S. Dehghani Nazhvani; A. R. Raayat Jahromi; M. Foroud; N. Vesal; F. Hooman