Congenital persistent urachus, urethral obstruction and uroperitoneum in a calf

Document Type : Scientific report


Department of Clinical Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran


Persistent patent urachus with other accompanying anomalies like urethral obstruction and uroperitonium
quickly deteriorates animal conditions which necessitate prompt surgical intervention and animal salvage. A
10-day-old calf was referred to clinic with mildly distended abdomen, history of umbilical dribbling and no
signs of normal urination since birth. On clinical laboratory results and ancillary tests persistent patent
urachus complicated with imperforated urethra and uroabdomen was diagnosed. After abdominocentesis
under ultrasonography, exploratory laparotomy was performed. Persistent urachus was removed and attempts failed to insert a catheter into urethra. Then, a Foley catheter was placed into bladder and passed through subcutaneous tissues and exited lateral to the umbilical region from skin. The calf voided via the catheter right after standing up and showed clinical improvement for the two months after-discharge follow up.