Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 3 - Serial Number 32, 2010, Pages 200-290 

Full paper (Original article)

Effects of age on the prevalence of cardiac dysrhythmias in ponies

Pages 200-205


A. Rezakhani; R. S. Pirie; K. J. Blissitt

Maintenance of horse embryonic stem cells in different conditions

Pages 239-248


A. Abavisani; A. McKinnon; R. T. Tecirlioglu; A. O. Trounson; J. Guo

Antigenic detection of Cryptosporidium parvum in urban and rural dogs in Ahvaz district, outhwestern Iran

Pages 273-278


B. Mosallanejad; H. Hamidinejat,; R. Avizeh; M. Ghorbanpoor Najafabadi; M. H. Razi Jalali

Comparative study of antibody titers produced against two BHK rabies vaccines in field trial experimental condition in dogs by RFFIT

Pages 279-282


M. A. Rad; Sh. Jamshidi; Sh. Shoaei; A. R. Bahonar; S. Simani; A. Fayaz; A. R. Zavarei; A. R. Janani; M. Taghikhani; S. J. Aldavood; A.3 Aliyari; N. Howaizi; N. Eslami; P. Biglari; I. Rad

Scientific report

Penile fibrosarcoma tumor in a bull

Pages 283-286


S. Hesaraki; Gh. Abedi; S. Rismanchi