Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 3, Summer 2009, Pages 208-301 

Full paper (Original article)

1. Comparison of the effects of different doses of acepromazine-xylazine on the electrocardiogram in dogs

Pages 208-215

A. A. Sarchahi; N. Vesal; B. Nikahval; A. Karampour

2. PCR screening of the Wolbachia in some arthropods and nematodes in Khuzestan province

Pages 216-222

P. Pourali; M. Roayaei Ardakani; A. Jolodar; M. H. Razi Jalali

3. Effect of lead on thyroid function in sheep

Pages 223-227

K. Badiei; P. Nikghadam; K. Mostaghni; M. Zarifi

4. Mycological and histopathological findings of experimental disseminated candidiasis in dogs

Pages 228-234

A. R. Khosravi; H. Mardjanmehr; H. Shokri; R. Naghshineh; M. Rostamibashman; A. Naseri

6. Assessment of antimicrobial resistance of cultivable Helicobacter-like organisms in asymptomatic dogs

Pages 241-249

A. Shabestari Asl; Sh. Jamshidi; M. Mohammadi; M. H. Soroush; A. Bahadori; A. Oghalaie

7. Typing of Ovar-DRB1 second exon with PCR-RFLP technique in Iranian Shaul Sheep

Pages 250-254

Gh. Nikbakht Brujeni; M. Emam; H. Mahmoudzadeh; E. Hamedmonfared; R. Talebnia Jahromi; H. Rezaei

Scientific report

15. Cast immobilization for treatment of dorsally subluxated proximal interphalangeal joint in a Thoroughbred mare

Pages 294-279

B. Nikahval; A. Tabatabaei Naeini; A. Meimandi Parizi

16. Hypospadias in goats

Pages 298-301

E. Sakhaee; O. Azari