Volume & Issue: Volume 22, Issue 1 - Serial Number 74, 2021, Pages 1-80 

Full paper (Original article)

Genetic diversity, virulence and distribution of antimicrobial resistance among Listeria monocytogenes isolated from milk, beef, and bovine farm environment

Pages 1-8


C. S. Swetha; K. Porteen; A. Elango; B. S. M. Ronald; T. M. A. Senthil Kumar; A. P. Milton; S. Sureshkannan

Improving broiler chickens’ health by using lecithin and lysophosphatidylcholine emulsifiers: a comparative analysis of physiological indicators

Pages 33-39


M. Nutautaitė; A. Racevičiūtė-Stupelienė; L. Andalibizadeh; V. Šašytė; S. Bliznikas; A. Pockevičius; V. Vilienė

Estimation of periostin as a biomarker for early pregnancy diagnosis in goats: a preliminary study

Pages 72-75


A. M. Köse; M. K. Sarıbay; E. Koldaş Ürer; Z. Naseer; G. Doğruer; F. Karaca; N. Coşkun Çetin