Surgical correction of a congenital partial ankyloglossia in a calf

Document Type : Scientific report


Department of Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Adnan Menderes, 09016, PK 17, Aydin, Turkey


A 40-day-old male Holstein breed calf with a complaint of inability of moving the tongue in and out as
well as difficulties with breastfeeding was referred to the veterinary clinic. A notch in the middle of the
tongue tip was evident during oral examination. In addition, a thin tissue band between the ventral surface of the tongue and floor of the oral cavity was seen in the calf. A diagnosis of partial ventral ankyloglossia was made. Horizontal to vertical frenuloplasty was performed to correct the ankyloglossia. The day after the
surgery, greater mobility of the tongue was evident. It was concluded that most of the clinical signs,
including problems during eating and breastfeeding were due to limitation of tongue movements. Horizontal
to vertical frenuloplasty may improve clinical full function of tongue movement.