Ovine Visceral Organs as Reservoir candidate for Brucella abortus in Iran

Document Type : Short paper


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Islamic Azad University, Shabestar Branch, Shabestar, Iran



Background: The present study investigated the prevalence and diversity of Brucella species in ovine reticuloendothelial organs including liver, spleen, intestine (mesenteric lymph nodes), and lung.  Aim: This help to address the reservoir ability of the species in disease transmission to other species through these organs. Methods: To this aim, a total of 200 ovinevisceral organs including 44 intestines, 51 lungs, 52 spleens, and 52 livers were collected. The presence of different Brucella species was studied using the PCR. Results: The results demonstrated the prevalence of Brucella species in 56 (28.4%) samples. In addition, liver and intestine were the most and the least infected organs, respectively. In general, 48 out of 56 positive samples were infected with B. abortus, while 10 samples were infected with B. melitensis. Conclosion: Eventually, the results approved the possible presence of B. abortus among domestic animals, especially sheep and cattle, and highlighted the role of sheep as reservoir hosts for its potential transfer to cattle.


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