Influence of naturally unilateral cryptorchidism on the histomorphometry of the testes and daily sperm production in West African Dwarf goats

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Department of Veterinary Anatomy, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 410001, Nigeria


Quantitative histology of the descended testis of unilateral cryptorchid bucks was compared with testis of normal bucks to evaluate the reproductive potentials of the scrotal testis in unilateral cryptorchids, using light microscopy techniques. The contralateral scrotal testes of the unilateral cryptorchids and the testes of the normal bucks contained profiles of seminiferous epithelium and each showed histological evidence of normal activity. The mean heights, lengths, lumen diameter, diameter of the seminiferous tubules were significantly higher in the contralateral scrotal testes when compared to the retained testes of the unilateral cryptorchid bucks (P<0.05). Population of spermatogenic cells per testis, and ratio of germ cells to Sertoli cells were not significantly different between both groups. The percentage of the testes occupied by various germ cells did not differ between the scrotal testis of the cryptorchid bucks and those of the normal bucks. The volume occupied by the seminiferous tubules and Leydig cells in the contralateral scrotal testis of the unilateral cryptorchid bucks were significantly greater than those of the testis of normal bucks (P<0.05). From the findings, it appears that the spermatogenic efficiency of the scrotal testes of the unilateral cryptorchid bucks was significantly higher than those of the normal bucks.