The immediate enzymatic cocktail effect on the absorptive function of neobladder made by ileocystoplasty

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1 Department of Surgery, Faculty of Specialized Veterinary Science, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

3 Department of Pediatric Urology, Children’s Hospital Medical Center, University of Medical Sciences of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


The effectiveness of an enzymatic cocktail, collagenase and trypsin, on the absorptive function of ileal
segment was studied to evaluate the changes within groups after performing ileocystoplasty in an animal
model. Twenty-one female mixed-bred Persian dogs were randomized into 7 groups. The groups included: 1) negative control group (NCG) in which no ileocystoplasty was performed (n = 3); 2) positive control group
(PCG) in which routine ileocystoplasty was performed (n = 3) and groups 3 to 7) those underwent ileocystoplasty with the ileal segment being treated with collagenase and trypsin for 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 min
(groups, 5 minutes enzymatic treatment group (5METG), 10METG, 15METG, 20METG and 25METG; each
containing three dogs). To perform the glucose absorption test, 50% dextrose was instilled into the bladder
five weeks after surgery. The blood glucose level (BGL) was measured in each group before the study (T1),
two weeks after the surgery in PCG and other treatment groups (T2), before anaesthesia (T3), after
anaesthesia at 5-minute intervals up to 25 min (T4 to T9, respectively). There was no significant difference in BGL in T1 to T3 and T4 to T9 in 25METG and NCG, however, BGL was found significantly higher in T1 to
T3 and T4 to T9 in PCG, 5METG, 10METG, 15METG and 20METG. It can be concluded that collagenase
and trypsin can affect absorptive function of the neobladder and are able to reduce the absorptive function,
particularly in early days after the surgery. Moreover, these results also confirm that 50% dextrose instilled
into the neobladder and native urinary bladder will not increase BGL in 25METG and NCG even with
increasing the time of exposure of neo- or native urinary bladder to enzymatic cocktail till 25 min.