Genetic polymorphism and association of kappa-casein gene with milk production traits among Frieswal (HF × Sahiwal) cross breed of Indian origin

Document Type : Short paper


Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Animal Genetics and Breeding Division, Indian Council of Agricultural Research-Central Institute for Research on Cattle, Meerut Cantt. Meerut-250 001, Uttar Pradesh, India


The aim of the present study was to screen the genotype profile of bovine kappa-casein gene among Frieswal (HF × Sahiwal) crossbred cattle developed in India. A total number of two hundred Frieswal cows were evaluated for HinfI RFLP based genotyping of kappa-casein gene. We observed that only two genotypes (AA and AB) exist among the studied population with the genotype frequency of 0.58 (n=117) and 0.42 (n=83), respectively. The calculated allele frequency for A and B was 0.79 and 0.21, respectively. Association of genotypes with certain milk production traits revealed that AB had significant (P