Peripheral ameloblastic fibro-odontoma in a cow

Document Type : Scientific report


1 Department of Pathobiology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Islamic Azad University of Kazeroun, Kazeroun, Iran.

2 Animal Health Laboratory, DPIWE, Launceston, Australia


Tumours of odontogenic origin have been reported in various domestic animals. Ameloblastic fibroodontomais a rare tumour derived from odontogenic epithelium and pulpal mesenchyme. Plain andformalised sections from masses on the front of the cranial aspect of the jaw and the end of the tongue of acastrated beef cattle from an abattoir was submitted to Mt Pleasant laboratories, Launceston, Australia. Histologically long cords and discrete islands of odontogenic epithelium in a background of loose mesenchymal tissue reminiscent of dental pulp were observed. Based on microscopic and macroscopic features, the tumour was diagnosed as ameloblastic fibro-odontoma.