Author = A. Mohammadi
Number of Articles: 8
1. Molecular characterization and phylogenetic analysis of bovine viral diarrhea virus in dairy herds of Fars province, Iran

Volume 17, Issue 2, Spring 2016, Pages 89-97

A. Khodakaram-Tafti; A. Mohammadi; GH. Farjani Kish

6. The effect of short-time microwave exposures on Salmonella typhimurium inoculated onto chicken drumettes

Volume 10, Issue 4, Autumn 2009, Pages 378-382

A. Jamshidi; A. Ghasemi,; A. Mohammadi

8. Detection of avian leukosis virus (ALV) in albumen of Shiraz commercial and local layer flocks using ELISA and RT-PCR

Volume 9, Issue 3, Summer 2008, Pages 245-249

A. Mohammadi; K. Asasi; M. Masoudian; B. Bozorgchami