The effect of substitution of sugar with date on the sensory, physicochemical, and antioxidant profile of ice cream

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1Department of Food Hygiene and Public Health, School of Veterinary Medicine, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran


Background: Despite the popularity of ice cream, its high content of sugar and fat is worrisome. Substituting sugar with natural and useful resources is one possible solution. Dates are rich in carbohydrates and are a good source of energy; it also has a large amount of phenolic and anthocyanin. Aim: The aim of study is to evaluate the effect of ice cream sugar replacement with date products. Methods: accordingly, four ice cream samples with different sweeteners including sucrose (as a control), date pulp+sucrose, date liquid sugar, sucrose + date liquid sugar were produced. Total phenolics, anthocyanins, and antioxidant activities of dates (Phoenix dactylifera) and their effects on physicochemical and sensory properties of ice cream were investigated. Results: A large amount of phenolic and anthocyanin was found in the ice cream contained date pulp and liquid sugar, which enhanced the reducing power and antioxidant effect of it. The overrun and density of an ice cream did not change with sugar replacement. Total substitution of sucrose by date liquid sugar, increased the titratable acidity, viscosity, and antioxidant properties of ice cream, but it was found to have some negative effects on the organoleptically score of color. However, the partial replacement of granular sugar with date pulp/liquid sugar, improved the antioxidant value of this dairy dessert without any change in its color. Conclusion: It seems that the addition of date pulp to an ice cream, not only maintain the quality and sensory properties of an ice cream, but also provides an antioxidant property.


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