Author = M. Zendehdel
Number of Articles: 4
1. Effects of co-administration of ghrelin agonist (GHRP-2) and GH on TNF-α, IL-6 and iNOS gene expression induced by LPS in the mouse brain

Volume 14, Issue 4, Autumn 2013, Pages 341-344

M. Zendehdel; P. Allahdini; E. Safarpour; Z. Abrehdari; M. Pourrahimi; R. Mazaheri Nezhad Fard

2. The role of 5-HT2A and 5-HT2C receptors on harmalineinduced eating behavior in 24-h food-deprived broiler cockerels

Volume 14, Issue 2, Spring 2013, Pages 94-99

M. Zendehdel; K. Mokhtarpouriani; V. Babapour; M. Pourrahimi; F. Hamidi

4. Evaluation of pharmacological mechanisms of antinociceptive effect of Teucrium polium on visceral pain in mice

Volume 12, Issue 4, Autumn 2011, Pages 292-297

M. Zendehdel; M. Taati; M. Jadidoleslami; A. Bashiri Dezfouli